A slide from @sebchan presentation at the REMIX Summit in New York, September 2014

A slide from @sebchan presentation at the REMIX Summit in New York, September 2014

Lutman & Associates is a program development and consulting enterprise aligned with nonprofit clients and independent producers in cultural, media, and philanthropic sectors. We develop strategy; conduct program assessments; collaborate on ideation and feasibility for new initiatives; and support and lead planning and evaluation. 

Our distinctive capabilities come from having done the work: we’ve been there.

We work side-by-side with clients as colleagues and thought partners, bringing fresh energy and our outsiders’ objectivity and experience to clients' ideas. Our goal is our clients’ vitality and independence.

As entrepreneurs we are actively engaged in developing and testing ideas. For example, our highly-successful What’s Up Pop Up events are public projects we create to build community capacity for dialogue, debate, and discovery. Pop ups feature the ideas and people that are influencing us, and turn our work inside out to share with you.  Last week we announced a new project, Hothouse, at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, launching July 28th. Read about it below!



We work with non-profit clients nationally on leadership-level projects, especially when organizations are looking for an experienced thought partner to collaborate on new projects, ideas, and explorations. We assemble teams as needed and enjoy working with a variety of partners to get things done.

Our cohort of visual collaborators means the work can be delivered in beautiful and effective visual formats. Please be in touch! We’re happy to provide work samples and references.

What's Up?

Creativity, aging, and the economy, What's Up with Chris Farrell?

Do you associate gray hair with creativity? The assumption that aging is an anathema to creativity is a widely held but false stereotype. It’s an attitude that may be the economy’s biggest creativity killer.

Let's gather for a myth-bashing discussion at the MIA in the same galleries that hold several works by Matisse. Henri Matisse was an artist who did some of his best work in his 80s, using innovations built on the skills he nurtured over a lifetime.

Free, but please register here.

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Meet the Makers Coalition

The Makers Coalition exemplifies ways that for-profit and not-for-profit sectors can come together.

My October Twin Cities Business column is about the creation of the Makers Coalition, a partnership built initially in the Twin Cities among 16 small manufacturers seeking locally based sewers, the Dunwoody College of Technology and Lifetrack Resources, a St. Paul-based nonprofit with strong programs in employment and economic opportunity. Click to read the column!