Lebanon Hills Regional Park, November 2014 the day before the first snow 

                     Lebanon Hills Regional Park, November 2014 the day before the first snow 

Lutman & Associates is a program development and consulting enterprise that works with nonprofit clients and independent producers in cultural, media, and philanthropic sectors. We develop strategy; conduct program assessments; collaborate on ideation and feasibility for new initiatives; and support and lead planning and evaluation. 

Our distinctive capabilities come from having done the work: we’ve been there.

We work side-by-side with clients as colleagues and thought partners, bringing fresh energy and our outsiders’ objectivity and experience to clients' ideas. Our goal is our clients’ vitality and independence.

As entrepreneurs we are actively engaged in developing and testing ideas. For example, our highly-successful What’s Up Pop Up events are public projects we create to build community capacity for dialogue, debate, and discovery. Pop ups feature the ideas and people that are influencing us, and turn our work inside out to share with you.  This fall we announced a new project, Hothouse, at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, where Sarah Lutman is currently Entrepreneur-in-Residence. Read about it here!



We work with non-profit clients nationally on a diverse set of projects by leading planning and program development, and collaborating to explore and test new ideas and projects. We assemble teams as needed to do the work, and enjoy working with partners to get things done.

Our collaboration with designers and visual artists means that the work can be delivered in useful and contemporary visual formats.

Please be in touch! We’re happy to provide work samples and references.

What's Up?

We'll announce the next What's Up pop up soon!

There will be at least one more pop up before the end of 2014, so watch this space, follow @lutman_sarah or visit the What's Up Pop Up page on Facebook.

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Veterans' Voices: challenging stereotypes and building new narratives

When you think of veterans, does your thinking go directly to stereotypes? Do you think “heroes” or “people with mental and physical health challenges”? That’s the experience of Trista Matascastillo, director of the Veterans’ Voices project of the Minnesota Humanities Center (MHC), herself a veteran. Her personal goal, shared by the center’s robust new program, is nothing short of changing the dominant narratives around the ways U.S. society views veterans. The Veterans’ Voices project is working to create a new narrative, one that puts veterans in a position to speak to their own experiences and authenticity. In doing so, Veterans’ Voices wants to change media images and public perceptions of veterans, highlighting vets’ post-service contributions to the community as leaders, managers and entrepreneurs.

How did the project evolve? MHC executive director David O’Fallon explains that a large part of the center’s work is to foster deeper connections among Minnesotans through the humanities. The center already has long-standing programs that draw on the humanities to build a “broader, deeper and more complete understanding” among diverse people, reflecting MHC’s mission “to bring the unique resources of the humanities to the challenges and opportunities of our time.” An example is the Absent Narratives project, which provides books, videos and other resources for teachers so that the literature, art, economics and history of many races, faiths and cultures can be incorporated into the humanities curricula in Minnesota schools.

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