Prairie grasses at Afton State Park, August 2014

Prairie grasses at Afton State Park, August 2014

Lutman & Associates is a program development and consulting enterprise aligned with nonprofit clients and independent producers in cultural, media, and philanthropic sectors. We develop strategy; conduct program assessments; collaborate on ideation and feasibility for new initiatives; and support and lead planning and evaluation. 

Our distinctive capabilities come from having done the work: we’ve been there.

We work side-by-side with clients as colleagues and thought partners, bringing fresh energy and our outsiders’ objectivity and experience to clients' ideas. Our goal is our clients’ vitality and independence.

As entrepreneurs we are actively engaged in developing and testing ideas. For example, our highly-successful What’s Up Pop Up events are public projects we create to build community capacity for dialogue, debate, and discovery. Pop ups feature the ideas and people that are influencing us, and turn our work inside out to share with you.  Las week we announced a new project, Hothouse, at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, launching July 28th. Read about it below!


We work with non-profit clients nationally on leadership-level projects, especially when organizations are looking for an experienced thought partner to collaborate on new projects, ideas, and explorations. We assemble teams as needed and enjoy working with a variety of partners to get things done.

Our cohort of visual collaborators means the work can be delivered in beautiful and effective visual formats. Please be in touch! We’re happy to provide work samples and references.

What's Up?

We'll announce the next What's Up pop up soon!

This fall we're collaborating with OTA on three pop-ups in Minnesota: Duluth, Rochester, and Minneapolis. We're working on dates, locations, and programming now. If you have ideas send them along, or send us an email if you want to be on the What's Up mailing list. Pop Up news is always posted first on Twitter @lutman_sarah. 

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Back to School

Published in the September 2014 issue of Twin Cities Business Magazine 

It’s autumn and the start of a new school year. Our community abounds in ways for you to get involved and help Minnesota’s children prepare for educational and life success. Not sure how? That’s no excuse. There are dozens of nonprofits that can channel your time, energy and financial resources into action for Minnesota youth.

Data show why more of us need to apply ourselves to improving the lives of Minnesota’s nearly 1.3 million children. According to Minnesota Compass, the Wilder Foundation’s informative website about all things Minnesota, more than 180,000 Minnesota children live in poverty. Only 57 percent of our children met or exceeded third-grade reading standards in 2013, and only 59 percent met or exceeded standards for eighth-grade math. A full 20 percent of children fail to graduate from high school.

Career success becomes more difficult as children fail to reach these successive benchmarks. You and your business may be in a position to help. Read more to see a short list of places to support.