Radio legend Leigh Kamman, host of The Jazz Image, in the studios at MPR, photo from Kyle Wesloh. Leigh died last week.

Radio legend Leigh Kamman, host of The Jazz Image, in the studios at MPR, photo from Kyle Wesloh.

Leigh died last week.

Lutman & Associates is a program development and consulting enterprise that works with nonprofit clients and independent producers in cultural, media, and philanthropic sectors. We develop strategy; conduct program assessments; collaborate on ideation and feasibility for new initiatives; and support and lead planning and evaluation. 

Our distinctive capabilities come from having done the work: we’ve been there.

We work side-by-side with clients as colleagues and thought partners, bringing fresh energy and our outsiders’ objectivity and experience to clients' ideas. Our goal is our clients’ vitality and independence.

As entrepreneurs we are actively engaged in developing and testing ideas. For example, our highly-successful What’s Up Pop Up events are public projects we create to build community capacity for dialogue, debate, and discovery. Pop ups feature the ideas and people that are influencing us, and turn our work inside out to share with you.  This fall we announced a new project, Hothouse, at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, where Sarah Lutman is currently Entrepreneur-in-Residence. Read about it here!



We work with non-profit clients nationally on a diverse set of projects by leading planning and program development, and collaborating to explore and test new ideas and projects. We assemble teams as needed to do the work, and enjoy working with partners to get things done.

Our collaboration with designers and visual artists means that the work can be delivered in useful and contemporary visual formats.

Please be in touch! We’re happy to provide work samples and references.

What's Up?

Coworking guru Alex Hillman visits Minneapolis for the first time

Here's a cause for celebration!

Join us for a very special evening with Alex Hillman and talk about coworking and community building. This “gotta be there” event is Hillman’s first-ever visit to Minnesota. He's coming as part of a collaboration between OTA Conversations and What's Up Pop Up, and convened at Hothouse @ArtsMIA, a coworking pilot project taking place at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. He'll be speaking about "Indy Hall 8 Years In: How one of America's leading coworking spaces can demonstrate its success."

Indy Hall’s ambition is to make Philadelphia (and the world) a better place for people to do what they love and to live the good life. Indy Hall founders believe in “the good life” in the Greek sense of the term, and they’re living it through Indy Hall. What is the good life?  It’s one that’s… with relationships, ideas, emotion, health and vigor, recognition and contribution, passion and fulfillment, and great accomplishment and enduring achievement."

Indy Hall has been working to find the best ways to show the impact the space has had on people, on small business development, and on economic development and the creative economy of Philadelphia.  Hear Alex talk about the place, the work, and the stories, data, and video interviews that document its impact on individuals and communities.

Hillman, author of the popular blog Dangerously Awesome, has this to say about himself:

Alex Hillman had trouble writing this bio. Most bios are just trivial accolades and accomplishments...and how useful is that to you? Alex wanted to convey something else in this brief bit of text, which is basically: He would probably like you if he got to know you.  You should know that Alex believes in these 3 truths:  - True communities & great collaborations start with the foundation of trusting and meaningful relationships.  - Learning is a part of everyday life, and we learn best from each other. - Do, or do not. There is no try. JFDI.  If you *still* really want to glance at Alex's credentials, though, he is best known for co-founding Indy Hall in Philadelphia, one of the first and oldest coworking communities in the world. He's shared details about Indy Hall's techniques and approach to building authentic communities, through often radical transparency and real world stories. This has attracted business and community leaders around the world to learn from his experiences.  He tweets as @alexhillman, and writes at, but the BEST way to find out more about Alex (including his clients, projects, and collaborations) is to start by introducing yourself.

Free, but please register HERE.


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Storytelling is a muscle

This post was originally published on the Grantmakers in the Arts website as part of the 2014 conference blog.

The staff of the John L. and James S. Knight Foundation offered a terrific session on Transmedia Narrative on Tuesday. Presenters were Eric Schoenborn, Creative Director at Knight, and Nicole Chipi, Arts Program Associate. In the three main parts of their presentation, they showed examples of narratives they consider well told; described their internal creative processes for telling Knight’s own stories and how they choose which media to use; and offered advice to other grantmakers for ways to work with grantees to tell their stories effectively and to get their stories out to more people.

Click HERE to read the entire post. And thanks.