59 Productions' Harmonium Project at Edinburgh Festival.  Learn more here .  We are collaborating with 59 Productions on a project with the Philadelphia Orchestra.  Photo: Murdo Mcleod                         

59 Productions' Harmonium Project at Edinburgh Festival. Learn more here.  We are collaborating with 59 Productions on a project with the Philadelphia Orchestra.  Photo: Murdo Mcleod                         

Lutman & Associates works with clients and independent producers in cultural, media, and philanthropic sectors, and in the intersections among these. We are known for creative, future-facing projects that help organizations explore new initiatives and break new ground. As consultants we are hired to develop strategy; conduct program assessments; collaborate on planning and launching new initiatives; and support and lead planning and evaluation. 

Our distinctive capability comes from having done the work: we’ve been there.

As entrepreneurs we are actively engaged in developing and testing our own ideas and in sharing our learning. For example, our pop-up events are public projects and curated roundtables through which we work to build community capacity for dialogue, debate, and discovery. Pop ups feature the ideas and people that are influencing us, and turn our work inside out to share with colleagues and collaborators. Stay tuned to learn more about what we have up our sleeves. 

Sarah Lutman is also a widely published author for local, regional, and national publishing platforms.


CURRENT consulting


Current projects include:

+ Continuing evolution of our work with the Philadelphia-based Wyncote Foundation, we've just finished a report profiling nine place-based foundations that support local journalism, public media, and storytelling. Check it out here. We'll be working on disseminating the report in the coming weeks.

+ In 2017 we conducted research and interviews to support the 2030 strategic planning process at the Wikimedia Foundation. Our final report, created in collaboration with Dot Connector Studio, was just released. Read it here.

+ We're working with the Philadelphia Orchestra and 59 Productions on a project to make the orchestra more mobile in the region. Click on the link to see 59's gorgeous work as pioneering digital artists.

+Grantmaking: We're supporting the development and launch of the American Orchestras' Futures Fund with the League of American Orchestras and Opera America's Innovation Grants.

+Assessment and exploration of program options: We're collaborating with Detroit-based CultureSource to help gather input into current program offerings and to explore new directions.

+Watch for our evaluation report exploring the impact of the Kresge Detroit program's support of individual artists - coming soon.


And more! 

Please be in touch! We’re happy to provide work samples and references.




Latest Writing

Initially published in Twin Cities Business Magazine, February 2018 issue.

Culture Track is a national survey of cultural consumers’ attitudes, motivators and barriers to taking part in cultural experiences. In late November, the national road show to present the 2017 survey results made a stop in the Twin Cities.


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